Jvett by Staygreen

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Color: Natural/White MDF/Sabia Cotton Slipcover

Dimensions: D 23" x W 16" x H 32" x Seat H 17"

Weight: 25lbs / Seat Capacity: 220lbs

Article Number: JV/N01/BMDF/954_09

Material: The front legs, made of round steel bars with rubber feet, are attached to fixing plates that are embedded in the interior of the poplar plywood seat. Surface is made of double corrugated cardboard. Numerous slipcover options (washable regenerated cotton, Eco-leather or leather) with velcro for easy attachment/removal. 

Featuring a sophisticated, linear profile.


Designed by Robert Pamio

Creativity and modernity come together to create a new concept in sustainable design. The result of a collaboration between Staygreen and Roberto Pamio, the Le Anime di Carta collection proves that is still possible to change and reinvent an object. 

The Process

Besides being 100% recyclable and biodegradable, all of Staygreen’s products are the result of craftsmanship, applied to every phase of the production process, from the processing of raw materials to the finishes, which are handmade.